“Michael Wolff Is the Child”: Power of Young Writer

(The Daily Beast)Daniel Judt= In an open letter to Michael Wolff, exclusive to The Daily Beast, Tony Judt’s son demonstrates that 15 year olds can, in fact, be thoughtful, poised intellectuals.

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I believe natural-born well writing is something we suppose to call it ‘gifted’. By itself means, I meant it exactly by words by words. It is something we should call genius, or talent. Once upon a time, I have written short stories about ‘echo of wings’, talking about 7 children with godly-powers. -Well, I am atheist, but attempting to write beautiful fantasy is something different from religion-

One of the thing we often hear from elders, or writers with conservative-minded, is that “Writing cannot be acquired without experience, especially age.” I’m sure you can even look up the quote quite easily by typing writing+age in Google. -Just in case to let you know, I didn’t try it.-

15 years old…. It is not really young, young age. But I’m still really jealous of him. How long I ever wanted someone who ever read my writing? And how it ended up? Apparently, it ended up as being computer-geek who tries to build his own perfect website to post the writing, even though writing itself doesn’t really take place in life.

I hope he will be the one, who changes course of literary history. Thanks to Daniel Judt, let us know about new writer.

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    Thanks. I created the website, if you meant for did I make decision in here. I used WordPress to build my own website, and most of the features and extra plug-ins are free, so if you are interested I would recommend using WordPress as well. WordPress is open source projects, which mean if you want some moderation in your own, you're going to have no problem with it. I have seen many magazines, newspapers using WordPress, too. As I mentioned a bit above, design is also supported by big group of people in the forum, as theme. -Those are free, also- Since I spent quite a money on the theme and building tools, it's quite obvious using WordPress is more less-expansive way of building website.
    I hope this can answer your question!