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South Korea Protest 2016

Why Korean Democracy Is Failing

I usually don’t comment on politics. In fact, last time I did in 2008 on American beef import, my website was literally bombarded to a point where I was nominated as an honorary American spy. But being bilingual as is, I must comment on the matters from the perspective they, the Koreans, seem to be…


eBay Sniping Can’t Work, Because Reasons

Apparently there is something called “sniping” in eBay, now taken as a community norm. Does it work? In its essence, yes. Does it work on theoretical level? Not really. Let me lay it out bits by bits. eBay is effectively a proxy auction. (not a dictionary term) There is a software that bids on your…


An Argument For Wireless Audio in iPhone 7

Newest turmoil around iPhone is now the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple, at least Phil Schiller believes it is “courage” to remove headphone jack to move toward wireless future. Several arguments had been made against it, and here are some of them that hold up to criticism. Wires are still prominent way-to-go for high end…


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review from TMTP

The original Mirror’s Edge had nothing but atmosphere. There was little to no story, only running, and you were given all the opportunity to literally run the city from one corner to the other. Your main weapon has always been your 2 foot, and given the other options to rally the mission, the game itself maybe raw,…

Disqus Is Temporarily Disabled on TMTP

Since the new version of Disqus and WP, it had failed to notify me to moderate new incoming comments. Sorry folks, if you had any questions that needed my immediate attention, I simply didn’t get the message. As of now, (like 2 mins ago) Disqus is disabled. Also, I do wish to point out that I’m not planning to enable it anytime soon. Apparently there had been an outcry on what Disqus is doing to “moderate” the comments of a community.


How to Bloodborne: Defiled Chalice Amygdala for Noobs

The idea behind it is simple. If you can’t kill it with melee (or short-ranged weapons) then choose long-ranged. For this video, I chose Simon’s Bowblade (abbr. sbb). The real question is not bloodtinge. It’s damage per bullets. There is a limit to amount of bullets you can carry with you. Normally and realistically, that…


“Colonial Boomerang” Can’t be Worse Choice of Word

ORIGINALLY ON NYT, SEOUL’S COLONIAL BOOMERANG The issue of comfort women is devastating. Let’s leave it there. Because there hasn’t been a single article that dealt the issue with a proper perspective it deserves. It was Americans who decided to give Japan a slack in American military court, not Asians nor Europeans, both the victims of…

Update: 1/1/15

Updated Theme File for WordPress. If you were experiencing with loading multiple posts at once, –which I was– that issue is now addressed.


How to Remove Time Machine Backup from Desktop

I personally don’t recommend using Time Capsule for 2 reasons: it’s expansive and wireless. It’s too expansive for a wireless router, although it is highly recommended by other reviews for its stability. It’s wireless for a backup, which I personally find it ridiculous. We are talking about backing up at least 1TB worth of internal…


PS4 Backup “Not Enough Space” Error Solution

Let us all agree on the fact that Sony sucks at doing anything software-related right. Just compare it to its competitions, Xbox, for example. Microsoft is too big of a hurdle? No more excuses. At any rate, I’ve seen multiple posts on different forums suggesting back and forth as to what is the real cause…

Update, Maintenance, and Adsense

For those who are interested whether this site will be down by next year, the answer is nope. I’m getting minimum payment out of Adsense, but it’s enough to keep the site hosted for next 10 years. Frankly I’m only working on the posts that I find useful (small tips on electronics and such), so don’t worry about shutting it down without notice. Cause if it is going down, there will be a bigger reason than financials. Speaking of which, I had to make some changes with the location of where the ads are. Not that I approve of the…


Mac Can’t Boot With External HDD Attached

It’s sort of official. I just got off from a phone call with Apple Support, and apparently the solution to “can’t boot with external HDD attached” is, removing the HDDs during the startup. Are we talking about PCs from 90s? Here’s the list of symptoms for those who want to go through them: Mac will…


Experiencing Problem with Language Setting on VM Windows?

This solution is strictly for parallels user and parallels user only.     I run multiple VMs on Mac for 2 reasons, first Korea has one of the most awful, isolated PC environment in the world. Second, rest of the world doesn’t care about being bilinguals. Not all of us, people with VM on Mac…


Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard on Mac

Karabiner does not support Sierra (10.12) at the moment. Karabiner-elements does work with some modifications I wrote a simple —but ridiculously long— review on Amazon on using MS sculpt keyboard on Mac. Again, it works, but not as it was promised by random bloggers or tech-journalists who had written pre-release reviews. It won’t work, because…

3DTV Is Announced Dead

We’ve been waiting for it. When will 3D finally be a new standard? Guess what, never. Gizmodo just ran an article based on CES 2015, and apparently the next big thing will be Smart TV, not 3D. Nobody wants a half-baked computer, so I’d say in a couple of years, Smart TV will be announced dead as well.