From June, 2018

Export PS4 Medias without Physical USB Drives

PS4 should have been equipped with state-of-art cloud features. But as we all know, this console is made by Sony, not Microsoft. Only way to utilize self-acclaimed powerful sharing features is to share it via PlayStation Network and tiny selection of social platforms. That being said, if you can manage to export the photos and…

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Jurassic World is back, and now it has booms and bangs running all over the place. If you were hoping to see a nice sequel development, you will be disappointed. But the movie delivers enough action for as a passable, family entertainment. I was able to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on 4DX in a…

When Macs with Nvidia Graphics Won’t Boot, with Full Loading Bar

While current Retina lines of Macs tend to run on Intel iGPUs and AMD Radeons, previous generation was primarily delivered with Nvidia’s. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then if Nvidia is not opting Mac in to their extended support. If you are experiencing the issue I am describing, I can only hope you have…

Stay (2018) Review

8 bit graphics is all about restrictions and how to get around it. Its distinct beauty relies heavily on designers ingenuity we will never see in modern video games. Now if you put 8 bit styles into a modern game without a second thought, you would have Stay.

Create and Restore Disk Images on macOS

Disk Utility may be a powerful GUI tools, but sometimes having a manual control is more assuring. I believe disk images are one such issue. If you happen to be working with headless disk images, say for your raspberry pi projects, it’s more recommended (due to its swiftness and control) to use command line interfaces.