From July, 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

If Anpanman made it in to a Marvel franchise, this is one. It’s all friendly neighborhood fights, with neighborhood bad guys and good guys, with neighborhood idiots and geniuses, running around in ever-same soap drama.

Change Hostname in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is not idiot-proof. You won’t get Mac-like experience in this Linux distribution. Instead, you will get Windows-like experience with an opportunity to solve one problem at a time without yelling toward Seattle.

Fix macOS Shared Folder ‘Not Found’ Error

While Mac handles vast majority of things nicely without too much asking questions, keeping network connection to a NAS drive is not one of them. If you happen to be on WiFi, and your Mac is likely to go to sleep frequently (i.e. it’s a laptop), you will see an annoying error message anytime you…