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How to Start HTTP File Sharing on LAN (ft. AdGuard)

Not all apps come with blazingly fast and convenient cloud sync features. Seems obviously basic, but my guess is such a feature is not in high demand for apps such as AdGuard. Apps that have rather larger spectrum of users, ones who simply download and use, and ones who meddle with scripts, tend to have…

How to Secure Erase on Synology NAS via USB

Secure erasing a drive is always a topic of certain nuance. Different organizations have different policies. And some of these rules are as archaic as useless or redundant. The rule of the thumb in current time and age is to encrypt your drive with powerful password, (read: use completely random password) and simply rewrite your…

God of War: Ragnarok Spiel on Huldra Brothers

Have you finished latest GOTY contender God of War: Ragnarok? Because if you didn’t this might be a good time to pause for a moment and come back with visions of freshly destroyed family feuds. God of War franchise, in its Norse sequels, is shifting the focus from pure hack-and-slash fun to family drama. Huldra…

How to Fix Time Machine Error 45, 5999 or SMB Connecting Error

One of my benignly controversial piece on how to fix Time Machine authentication error, while the drive is hosted on NAS, always gathers wrong kind of attention. Network problems are bound to be difficulty to troubleshoot; with at least 2 computers in the mix, just the very number of suspects double. But with added October…

Nov 27, 2022

I had to change the hosting company behind The Mad Tea Party after being bombarded with automated server offline messages from previous one. So if you had trouble reading a post on Black Friday, I bet the problem was on the website’s end, not your ISP or your router. My apologizes for not sharing the plans beforehand. I might write more on the subject, so I’ll be brief on what happened. For the last few months, the hosting service I had used kept going offline, from few minutes to few hours, without notice. Sometimes there will be a tweet by…

MX Keys for Mac, after 3 Years

As some of you are aware, I have been a big proponent for Microsoft keyboards, especially its ergonomic lines. I had adored Microsoft Hardware products, until the market has shifted away from desktop, and the Seattle-based manufacturer decided to throw the flagship keyboard down the bus. My search for go-to Mac keyboard led to Logitech.…

How to Fix Ubuntu Gnome Login Screen Scaling

With the new release of Ubuntu 22.04, I believe it’s a high time to check and rant on some of the UX issues that have been plaguing PCs, and especially Ubuntu as of late. It’s the High DPI mode. Apple has been arguably the first to push for “High DPI mode” on iOS and macOS. Android soon followed. Microsoft suffered, possibly due to shifts in UI design directives, but on Windows 11, the company delivered on usable solution, though many third party softwares have ignored the changes.

How to Boot in Recovery Mode without Apple Keyboard

Mac has quirky keyboards policies. Until the operating system is fully loaded, the machine will not take inputs from Bluetooth keyboards, again unless it’s been cleared —meaning, Apple Keyboard. Now the most obvious solution is to use a wired keyboard. But if you are on a wireless keyboard via USB dongle, it might strike as odd why the keystrokes would not register. This is a short band-aid solution for users like myself.

Water Cooling on Mac Is Not Happening

Cooling is the universal subjects across any PC enthusiasts forums. Its encroaching importance on all fields results with more then few discussions getting swindled away into waste heat management. Be it may a building a new PC from scratch, buying or upgrading a part for existing PC, planning for future upgrades and maintenance, or even overclocking, all lead to cooling to a certain degree. Even Macs, the computer “not fit” for gaming, are included as Apple has history of disregarding cooling over aesthetics. It is truly a universally acknowledged truth that any communities in interest which relates to computers must be bound by its cooling topics.

How to Remove “Today” Grouping from Windows 11 and Windows 10

Today’s special for Windows is weird grouping found in Windows Files Explorer. Microsoft has made a questionable choice here, whereby adding third axis of sort into existing 2D-friendly UI. If you have seen “today” or “yesterday” grouped separately under the regular lists of files, that’s the one we are planning to remove or disable.

Haven Review

“Haven is not a difficult game” says the game’s intro. It’s a bold statement coming from a game published in 2020. Difficulty is now accepted as an integral part of the experience, and the people’s expectation differs greatly from the eras of —per se— Gameboy Tetris. More contemporary “easy” games are usually scolded as walking…

When USB-C Nightmares Come True

I remember helping ‘tech-suspicious’ individuals who didn’t understand USBs back in 2000s. The usual responses were either awe, which I wholeheartedly agreed at the time, or disgust, thinking this will be an escape from the Matrix. It wasn’t, and it isn’t.

Crying Suns Review

It’s tough to write a tangible review on any rogue-like games, especially the ones that claim to be directly inspired by something else. Crying Suns is claiming to be inspired by at least four different renowned games. An ultimate sci-fi fanfic-based retro game is what Crying Suns is supposed to be. And it did exactly…

How to Fix Time Machine Backup Server Authentication Error

Another how-to on Time Machine backup, available on all OS X and macOS machines. Friendly reminder: your Mac does include nifty backup tools for free of charge, and you can use any drives lying around. If you have an old drive, preferably more than 3 years, and if it is at least the size of…