Thinking about OS X Yosemite? Not just yet

I’m sure lots of people have heard about public beta by now. Some magazines and blogs pointed out obvious things —it’s the same thing from Apple website— and some people are experiencing issues, blah and blah and blah.

Tell you what, don’t get Yosemite just yet. I’ve been keeping my Mac up to date (up to Developer Beta) for couple of years now, and this is probably the first time OS X is giving me more hassle than Windows can. Even Apple’s basic apps are falling apart. Some people are having problems with AppStore, iTunes Store, iCloud, basic yet fundamental elements of Mac environment. Because of newly added Mac-iOS synchronizing features, —couldn’t find the better word to put it— it appears Macs are heavily affected by Apple’s server’s condition.

On a 2nd note, Apple still hasn’t added advanced display control. Frankly it’s not even that advanced. I simply want my internal monitor of old macbook disabled, and every now and then even 3rd party developers are having troubles to catch up to Mac. I’m a fond user of SwitchResX, and since the release of Mavericks, disabling monitors became more troubling.

Mac Rumors’ thread on Yosemite glitches and incompatible apps list are still piling as well. I’m not surprised that there are glitches and bugs to be fixed with new OS, but it seems most of them are from big changes made in UI, such as fonts. Some of the developers responded to the “public beta” as an immature decision made by an idiot. They weren’t expecting to have 1 million user using experimental OS just yet.

2nd build of public beta is still yet to be released, yet I couldn’t find any estimates on when Apple may do so. I was hoping this public build to be more stable, enough for daily-usage, but I wouldn’t recommend it just yet.

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