About us

LAST Update: Feb 27, 2014

Beginning of “The Ruined World”

The Mad Tea Party began as “Ruined World” sometime before 2008 as an independent blog. Many of the posts were simply moved from the blog named “Think Different” hosted on Naver. However the blog had to be moved again due to lack of multi-author and community support. Also, NHN, the parent company of the South Korean blog services, did not allow 3rd party monetization. The actual independent website was created under the Apple .Mac (dot-mac) hosting, until MobileMe was introduced. After MobileMe was publicly launched under the Apple brand name, the actual logo and name of “Ruined World” had started being used.

Ruined World had often held the political opinions of minority. RW authors often heavily relied on bringing radical ideas and conversations to the table. Many of the topics were deemed obscure and inappropriate by the public, hence the website died out after several forced shut-downs.

Adoption of WordPress

In 2008, as a result of having “aggressive anti-Korean attitudes”, RW gained some notoriety. Several warnings and real life threats had been made to several writers, including myself from political Korean readers. Some of the accusations involved with rising radical ideologies in Japan and United States, which we found “crazy yet ironic”. At which point, the website was started to be considered unsustainable. A number of comments flooded the old, out-dated system of Ruined World, proving MobileMe to be incompetent to host our websites. The plan for the new website with proper hosting and domain address was formed, with lesser administrative control.

Many of our softwares also required an upgrade to take advantage of advances in blogging protocol and technologies. More than half of the codes were “ancient artifacts,” (guessing it would sound better in Korean) written in the era of straight-up HTML. Entire system was dependent on decayed databases, deficient to support new applications: for instance, SNS integration.

We could not afford time to develop completely new structures from the scratch. The window of opportunity was simply too small; I myself had to stand trial for some of the ridiculous charges that were later dropped. We could either join trends of growing blogging formats, such as Google Blogger, or use an open source software. We decided WordPress would last longer than any other format.

After the moving was complete, we decided to call our new websites “Ruined World V2.0.”

And The Mad Tea Party Comes…

Damages from the Ruined World V1.0 have left irreversible damage on the website’s reputation and functionality. For a couple of years, the site fell through disrepair, only to be rebooted weeks later. Originally “Ruined World” was the title of the series that had been written by Rian, which then later published for short period of times before MobileMe was introduced. Therefore, Ruined World was in a shape of book club, but in TRPG fashion.

The idea of The Mad Tea Party has risen dramatically after adaption of WordPres. The goal of the website has changed as well, to keep ourselves updated with contemporary works in different fields. And, as the earliest days of RW have told us, monetization to sustain the maintenance.

In 2010, Ruined World has stopped using its own name, and changed into The Mad Tea Party. The idea was to create a space to talk of different “obscure” and “inappropriate” ideas that we may later benefit from, regardless of societal norm says.

As I am writing this in 2014, The Mad Tea Party only has 1 writer/editor of its own.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide information for discussions and debates and bring such topics into the real life. It is also our hope that we will exclude any elements of routine, illogical arguments from discussions, to sustain the quality of discussion.


If you have any questions or concerns about The Mad Tea party, please email the administrator. Please be aware you will receive a reply from us via personal email address, not the admin.