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How to Connect MTP Devices on macOS

Media Transfer Protocol, or MTP, is something Microsoft came up with in the days of PMPs and PMCs. If the history teaches us anything, it is that most of the remnants from MP3 eras were fragmented and chaotic patchwork of technologies to make that one proof of concept to just barely work. The significance of…

How to Fix Time Machine Error 45, 5999 or SMB Connecting Error

One of my benignly controversial piece on how to fix Time Machine authentication error, while the drive is hosted on NAS, always gathers wrong kind of attention. Network problems are bound to be difficulty to troubleshoot; with at least 2 computers in the mix, just the very number of suspects double. But with added October…

How to Boot in Recovery Mode without Apple Keyboard

Mac has quirky keyboards policies. Until the operating system is fully loaded, the machine will not take inputs from Bluetooth keyboards, again unless it’s been cleared —meaning, Apple Keyboard. Now the most obvious solution is to use a wired keyboard. But if you are on a wireless keyboard via USB dongle, it might strike as odd why the keystrokes would not register. This is a short band-aid solution for users like myself.

How to Fix Time Machine Backup Server Authentication Error

Another how-to on Time Machine backup, available on all OS X and macOS machines. Friendly reminder: your Mac does include nifty backup tools for free of charge, and you can use any drives lying around. If you have an old drive, preferably more than 3 years, and if it is at least the size of…

Duskers Quicksaver Housekeeping Update

I am yet to finish Duskers, the sci-fi survival game where you must survive using nothing but your drones to scavenge other, hopefully abandoned willfully, ships. General atmosphere of the game resembles much of Alien franchise, where computers so ancient are running probably most sophisticated programs ever written known to mankind.

File Not Found Error on macOS wfsctl

Apple has been consistently phasing out Server related apps and services. Some of them have been moved around to macOS, while the others are either killed off or been moved as an embedded feature. WebDAV was one of them. If you are so inclined, macOS can now handle WebDAV hosting without the Server app from…

Running Time Machine Backup Server on macOS

Time Machine backup is a MUST in this time and age, especially after you just paid couple thousands in Mac. Ultimately, no matter how ridiculous issue you just encountered on your machine, if you have a complete backup of the system, there should be no concern. I can’t believe I have to say this in…

Retrieving Old or Deleted Safari Reading List Archives

One of the bad habits of older social websites are its insatiable inclination toward censorship. And I do not say this lightly. Seeing several of these of these websites, well older than Mad Tea Party, supposedly losing either a thread or a post after few hours is simply not acceptable in this time and age.…

Stuttering Screensaver in macOS

Arabesque has been shipped with macOS for quite awhile now, making it one of graphical default screensavers. What Apple seems to dismiss, however, is that they did not update their lines of screensavers since High Sierra.

Customize macOS Media Key Behaviors

Since High Sierra, Apple has introduced ‘universality’ to its set of media keys. All the absurdities aside, it means media keys are now open to work with any platform. So if you were planning to control iTunes or Spotify on the go, you may accidentally start playing a random video on a webpage instead.

Accelerate an App for Internal Display on macOS Mojave

The arrival of eGPU in Macs came with lots of surprises and tweaking. I am sure some have already read the extensive eGPU guides available on the internet, and on MTP as well. Mojave, in that sense, clarifies and opens up boarders to many users. This tip, by the way, comes at a wrong time…

Add Second Address Line on Mac Calendar

macOS and iOS come with a decent default calendar app called “Calendar”. Jokes aside, Calendar comes with an embedded travel time feature, which allows users to schedule travel time ahead. For example, if you happen to have a meeting in downtown, you can add “Meeting” as an event, and then add 30 mins as a…

Remove AppleScript from Menu Bar

DevonThink users would be quite familiar with AppleScript; it comes in handy for any organization work, except for its presence in the menu bar. With the introduction of more GUI-friendly kit, Automator, since OS X, not all users need a speed dial for AppleScript.