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Disabling WordPress Theme Updates Notification

WordPress comes with some quirks,as its a free, open-source platform. While WordPress as a software has come a long way since becoming one of the pioneers, its economy is no different from mobile OS. Plugins and themes almost always fall in to 4 categories: free, freemium, paid, or subscription. And unfortunately some of these paid…

WordPress Theme Subscription is the New Sham in the Town

We have all seen annual upgrade tactics on different applications. What makes WordPress theme extremely awkward however, is the fact that none of the features actually change and/or fixed since the release. If there is a glitch, it must be fixed regardless of “upgrade”, and if it is an entirely new feature, likely the designer…

Dec 8, 2017

Quick announcements Weekly op-ed is coming next Wednesday. ruined-world.com is once again redirecting all traffic to themtparty.com. Please refrain from using/bookmarking/emailing ruined-world.com, instead use the new domain. New permalink setup has proven to be effective. It is unlikely to be reverted back to post id setup. WordPress core system redirects any traffic to old slugs, so do not worry about which URL you can use. By all means, if you need a permanent URL, I can give you the post ID permalink. Please do let me know. Please do let me know if any of the slugs are off (not…

Dec 3, 2017

It may comes as a surprise, but WordPress has its own commenting system on the same server, instead of Jetpack, Disqus, or any other comment plugins. And Disqus, to no one’s surprise, almost always wins the nomination for best comment platform.

Dec 1, 2017

After working through some of the slugs on older posts, it came to my attention, some of the older posts are either not bringing up any points or incorrectly imported as op-ed. Most of them were either personal clipping of hilarious tech articles or just daily blog postings that seem to have fallen through the cracks.

Nov 13, 2017

There have been several changes to the website. It’s quite a list, without further ado. Probably most obvious, but most invisible subject: Ads. I’ve been asked to remove all ads from the website previously, but that small revenue from advertisements is exactly what is running this website. I won’t mind anyone using Adblocks, because frankly, that should be the job of developers behind the Adblock to leave less intrusive Ads to help the authors and promote balanced ad campaigns on the web.

Jun 29, 2016

Since the new version of Disqus and WP, it had failed to notify me to moderate new incoming comments. Sorry folks, if you had any questions that needed my immediate attention, I simply didn’t get the message. As of now, (like 2 mins ago) Disqus is disabled. Also, I do wish to point out that I’m not planning to enable it anytime soon. Apparently there had been an outcry on what Disqus is doing to “moderate” the comments of a community. updated Dec 3, 2017: retitled from “Disqus Is Temporarily Disabled on MTP”.

Jan 1, 2016

Quick announcement addressed the issue where multiple posts would start loading at once. updated Dec 1, 2017: retitled from “Update: 1/1/15” and summarized the bug report.