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Known Gmail Tricks and Its Usages

Gmail comes with small cheats that other free email services are reluctant to provide. All of these tricks are meant to be used in the situation when you, the gmail user, is a recipient of an email, not vice-versa. Also these are against the standard industry practices, and as such, you should take it with…

Feb 25, 2017

Quick announcement. ruined-world.com will no longer redirect you to themtparty.com All emails sent to @themtparty.com will now be forwarded and responded personally by a person named in it. If not named, I’ll be (r26gray@gmail.com) replying it, if you are expecting one. SSL is now available for MTP. If none is showing up on the address bar, try reloading the page. updated Dec 1, 2017: retitled from “Important Update on Email Responses (Merged with 2/14 SSL update)”.