Take Screenshot on macOS

Windows have “Print Screen” key, and Mac have option and command key. Sounds ludicrous when you hear it for the first time, but Mac mostly relies on the combination of shift, control, option, command keys to do even an OS thing, including taking screenshots of your monitor. No need to pull out your mighty smartphones just for screenshots people.

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Block Suggested Apps on Windows 10

Windows has more than one way to put up advertisement on your workstation now. And it is called ‘Suggested Apps’, kindly suggesting you to play Candy Crush Saga again. Needless to say, kindly installing the game and playing it on your work computer will ruin your work performance and get you fired. Or at best,…

How to Make a macOS Bootable Disk

Part of your “backup plan” for a workstation must include a way to boot from an external source. And this is no different on Mac, regardless of the marketings Apple is selling. Although it is possible to boot a Mac with internet recovery mode, taking bets on at-risk computers are not advisable.

State of eGPU Support on Coming High Sierras

High Sierra tuned in native support for eGPUs, but recent updates on eGPU support on older Macs are looking grim. If you own a Mac that does have a USB-C port, (or any plain MacBooks) it is very likely your computer does not support Thunderbolt 3. Any Mac with Thunderbolt 1 or 2 ports are…

Manage the Partition Auto Mounting on macOS

 Some partitions on your drive are simply not needed for certain work. While PnP is probably one of the most notable inventions which spread personal computing, it is also unavoidably annoying with possible security risks at the same time.

How to Disable auto-add to Quick Access on Windows 10

Windows 10 finally introduced a sidebar for File Explorer. Windows tend to have quirks that comes and goes in every iteration, and Quick-Access, from the look of it, seems to have decided to stay. But this Quick access comes with a bizarre add-on; it will add –no pun intended– any items you access frequently. Not sure…