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How to Boot in Recovery Mode without Apple Keyboard

Mac has quirky keyboards policies. Until the operating system is fully loaded, the machine will not take inputs from Bluetooth keyboards, again unless it’s been cleared —meaning, Apple Keyboard. Now the most obvious solution is to use a wired keyboard. But if you are on a wireless keyboard via USB dongle, it might strike as odd why the keystrokes would not register. This is a short band-aid solution for users like myself.

Water Cooling on Mac Is Not Happening

Cooling is the universal subjects across any PC enthusiasts forums. Its encroaching importance on all fields results with more then few discussions getting swindled away into waste heat management. Be it may a building a new PC from scratch, buying or upgrading a part for existing PC, planning for future upgrades and maintenance, or even overclocking, all lead to cooling to a certain degree. Even Macs, the computer “not fit” for gaming, are included as Apple has history of disregarding cooling over aesthetics. It is truly a universally acknowledged truth that any communities in interest which relates to computers must be bound by its cooling topics.

When Macs with Nvidia Graphics Won’t Boot, with Full Loading Bar

While current Retina lines of Macs tend to run on Intel iGPUs and AMD Radeons, previous generation was primarily delivered with Nvidia’s. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then if Nvidia is not opting Mac in to their extended support. If you are experiencing the issue I am describing, I can only hope you have…

May 18, 2018

Quick Announcements This week’s post is delayed, as late as tomorrow. It will cover how to use eGPUs on internal displays (i.e. on your laptop, or all-in-one desktop). While eGPU on internal display is natively supported by Apple, each App has to opt-in in utilize it. This means most of the applications that are already released to the public are unlikely to adopt eGPU capability. I am yet to find any documentation on lists of apps that support eGPU. It appears there is only limited number of application which added support for eGPU, or multiple graphics card, no less.

Beta Software is not a Press Release Copy

In light of possible obsolesce of eGPU support on TB1/2 machines, I thought it would be a good time to go back to the basics for this week. Public and/or developer beta is hardly a reliable source of information. Features will be added, dropped, and then added again in betas. And if you need an…

Test Multiple Zip Archive Files on macOS

Zip has now become an industry norm for a reason. It’s old enough to be widely available, and it’s old enough to be run on any device without hiccups. But this also means any Zip files could be compressed with substandard softwares and/or distributed through routes that simply cannot guarantee any integrity.

Manage the Partition Auto Mounting on macOS

 Some partitions on your drive are simply not needed for certain work. While PnP is probably one of the most notable inventions which spread personal computing, it is also unavoidably annoying with possible security risks at the same time.

Karabiner PID Failure Fix

This is not exactly a common issue, but it is an issue that was once mentioned on the GitHub, including myself. Obviously the point of this post is to address any remaining issues. When you launch Karabiner for the first time and the app crash with an error report suggesting failure in creating PID directory,…

How to Hide Time Machine HDD from Desktop

I don’t recommend using Time Capsule for 2 reasons: price and wireless. The price tag is unjustifiable for a router, despite its praised stability. Now with the hint of Apple may be dropping the router line of its entirety, stability is not longer an accountable virtue. At any rate, it is the wireless backup drive…

Mac Can’t Boot With External HDD Attached

It’s sort of official. I just got off from a phone call with Apple Support, and apparently the solution to “can’t boot with external HDD attached” is, removing the HDDs during the startup. Are we talking about PCs from 90s? Here’s the list of symptoms for those who want to go through them: Mac will…

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard on Mac

I wrote a simple —but ridiculously long— review on Amazon on using MS sculpt keyboard on Mac. Again, it works, but not as it was promised by bloggers or tech-journalists who had written pre-release reviews. It won’t work, because the keyboard is specifically designed and assigned for Windows 8 exclusive features, and Microsoft has no…