When iTunes Home Sharing won’t appear on iOS

It’s an iTunes problem, yet again. If you are using Macs and iOS devices on your network, likely you are already taking advantage of “home sharing” feature embedded in iTunes.

For those who are not familiar with it, Mac and iOS devices are equipped with several automated networking tools, most of them effectively working as a local cache server. And one of them, one the earliest attempt to “share” the contents already downloaded onto a computer, was Home Sharing.

Unfortunately, old dog falls If you have already enabled “sharing” by ticking the box through iTunes preferences, and are seeing iTunes libraries through other Macs, but not on iOS devices, this tip is for you.

iTunes has another setting, which can be hard to find, to enable Home Sharing.

Turn on Home Sharing through following: 
 File > Home Sharing > Turn on Home Sharing

iTunes will ask for your credential soon after. You should be able to see iTunes libraries on your iOS devices as well.

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