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Avengers: Endgame Review

I was never a big fan of MCU’s style. Its gunning as hard as it can in comic book heroism behavior never grew on me. Just take Captain America: Civil War, the movie which sets off the events leading up to the Endgame. The villain’s plan made no sense. It had no “why” or “how”…

Ready Player One Review

What is gaming? I cannot answer that question, but I will know one when I see one. This ever-changing definition of a medium and subsequent genres it gave birth to make most critics hard to keep up with video games. Gaming, in its essence, has changed drastically from what it was 30 years ago and…

Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

If Anpanman made it in to a Marvel franchise, this is one. It’s all friendly neighborhood fights, with neighborhood bad guys and good guys, with neighborhood idiots and geniuses, running around in ever-same soap drama.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Jurassic World is back, and now it has booms and bangs running all over the place. If you were hoping to see a nice sequel development, you will be disappointed. But the movie delivers enough action for as a passable, family entertainment. I was able to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on 4DX in a…

Stay (2018) Review

8 bit graphics is all about restrictions and how to get around it. Its distinct beauty relies heavily on designers ingenuity we will never see in modern video games. Now if you put 8 bit styles into a modern game without a second thought, you would have Stay.

AKiTiO Node with RX 580 on macOS High Sierra

eGPU support on Mac is official and now we have it. Originally on July, I had written a review using Node on Sierra with the help of 3rd party scripts. Now with the official support on High Sierra, I figured it would be a good time to go back and discuss the experience as a…

Mac Mini with eGPU (AKiTiO Node) Review

In this post, I will be covering rather grand topic than I intended, the eGPU support arrived with Metal 2. That being said, this post will be divided up, feel free to skip some, read some, or even leave comments on some.

High Sierra Public Beta is Here

Public beta for High Sierra is here, and boy, we didn’t see this kind of mess since Lion. This devastation is only comparable to the first release of public beta OS X Lion, and if you are in for it, you won’t be disappointed. I’m not even sure how developers are supposed to work with…

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review

The original Mirror’s Edge was about the environment. There was little to no plot, no character development, but you were given rich opportunities to literally run through the city whatever way imaginable. Your main weapon has always been your two feet, and the game did not strip the other options to rally the mission, promising…

Maleficent Review

Start with the obvious: I don’t recommend this movie. Obviously the actors in this movie were absolutely powerless when it came to saving rookies’ work: CG to cover fairy lands, cowering behind the LBGT curtains, and above all else, taking the original work as granted and twisting it.