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Duskers Quicksaver Housekeeping Update

I am yet to finish Duskers, the sci-fi survival game where you must survive using nothing but your drones to scavenge other, hopefully abandoned willfully, ships. General atmosphere of the game resembles much of Alien franchise, where computers so ancient are running probably most sophisticated programs ever written known to mankind.

Change Hostname in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is not idiot-proof. You won’t get Mac-like experience in this Linux distribution. Instead, you will get Windows-like experience with an opportunity to solve one problem at a time without yelling toward Seattle.

Install Ubuntu Updates via CLI

GUI in Ubuntu is as much as useless as unreliable. You can never be sure if you have achieved anything on the OS, unless you do it again on Terminal. Most documentations ask you to run scripts and commands on Terminals before you yell at the screen for UX. If your computer happens to be…