FTL:Faster Than Light Quicksaver Housekeeping Update

FTL now has a spiritual sequel from Subset Games. It’s been beautiful 9 years of random encounters since its release, and I still play it just for old times sake. It almost reminds me of SkiFree or Minesweeper.

The reasoning behind the housekeeping update is simple; I see more futures for FTL, and any other games I’ve written the quicksave script for, and I don’t want my simple script to cause any further issues. I want it to be easily maintainable, if anyone happens to use it alongside a mod, or an expansion pack, or anything. You could call it long term maintenance mode, in Blizzard fashion.

So here is the drill. The script is essentially the same; nothing drastically has changed within the script and the way it picks up the save files. It’s simply better organized to change some of the settings, such as path to save files.

How to Use

  1. This code is written in Python. If you are on Windows PC, please check python.org to download it.
  2. Download FTL-Quicksaver.py.zip and put it in the location of your choice.
  3. Unzip the file.
  4. Open any kind of text editors and copy the following scripts:
     cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
     python ftl-quicksaver.py
     python ftl-quicksaver.py
  5. Save the file as following name:
  6. Simply click on the start file and the quicksaver will launch.

Again, if you open the python script, you will see the same manual on how to get started, followed by small section of settings. You can tweak it around to see what would work best for you. As always, if you are interested in using a cloud to sync save files across platforms, all you have to do is to place python script inside the cloud folder.

Let me know if there is any problems or questions.

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