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Dec 2, 2017

As it has been discussed before, the website no longer generates revenue large enough to have multiple authors/staffs involved. But contrary to what I had expected, small ad revenue, enough to pay for maintenance, is still coming in.

Nov 13, 2017

There have been several changes to the website. It’s quite a list, without further ado. Probably most obvious, but most invisible subject: Ads. I’ve been asked to remove all ads from the website previously, but that small revenue from advertisements is exactly what is running this website. I won’t mind anyone using Adblocks, because frankly, that should be the job of developers behind the Adblock to leave less intrusive Ads to help the authors and promote balanced ad campaigns on the web.

Nov 18, 2015

For those who are interested whether this site will be down by next year, the answer is nope. I’m getting minimum payment out of Adsense, but it’s enough to keep the site hosted for next 10 years. Frankly I’m only working on the posts that I find useful (small tips on electronics and such), so don’t worry about shutting it down without notice. Cause if it is going down, there will be a bigger reason than financials. Speaking of which, I had to make some changes with the location of where the ads are. Not that I approve of the…