Nov 13, 2017

There have been several changes to the website. It’s quite a list, without further ado. Probably most obvious, but most invisible subject: Ads. I’ve been asked to remove all ads from the website previously, but that small revenue from advertisements is exactly what is running this website. I won’t mind anyone using Adblocks, because frankly, that should be the job of developers behind the Adblock to leave less intrusive Ads to help the authors and promote balanced ad campaigns on the web.

And there is UI and old logo. This website was running on a slightly customized version of WordPress theme called “Oxford” by The Theme Foundry. I agreed on the idea that “magazine-like” reading experience revolves around a nicely printed article with a featured image. I was quite reluctant to customize it further as any attempt might ruin the balance, but seeing how it turned out, I have no regrets on this decision. Now the overall website should look much similar to the old one with the old logo. I am still open to inputs on the placements of ads, UIs, and etc.

The designers behind the theme have also turned to a subscription model based on Adobe Typekit’s commercial fonts. I do like Adobe’s selection of various fonts; however, with their plans, freely available fonts, coupled with slow servers, I found Google Fonts to have more merits. Google’s selection is much smaller, but it is also open for new Typeface designers. I was able to find fonts that perfectly fits my view of a proper blog. The migration to Google Fonts is nearly complete, —big ticket items only, small tweaks are still underway— and should give the website the freedom and opportunity to explore different viewership.

On the last notes, Op-ed is back with weekly update. Each piece will be around 800 words, if you are interested in submission. If the piece is significantly shorter, there will be 2 pieces, either on Wednesday or on Friday, and will only count as a half-week material.

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