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Jan 1, 2018

How is everyone enjoying the new year? Hopefully with family with no Dreyfus to talk about. There are several things I need to talk about –which I promise to keep it short–  and of the weekly op-ed that was supposed to be published last week.

Blockchain-Based Currency is Not the Money We Know

An introduction to Bitcoin makes it sound so user-friendly and a simpleton business, but elegant with modern encryption, but the actual system design is largely kept a secret like a Death Star. It doesn’t matter how a 100 km-wide space station roams around in space freely and shoot out a laser beam that will utterly…

Dec 14, 2017

Quick Announcements Op-ed is delayed again for another week. The coming op-ed which will be published next week is covering the issue of bitcoin, the wall street whiz kid of the late. I am trying to be as accurate as possible when it comes to technical descriptions of the platform, instead of leaving certain parts blank as other articles I’ve found to be. That being said, –this is a disclosure of a sort– I cannot absolutely guarantee the solidity of the piece I am writing, which is why it has been delayed again. Worst case scenario, this piece may be…