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Disabling WordPress Theme Updates Notification

WordPress comes with some quirks,as its a free, open-source platform. While WordPress as a software has come a long way since becoming one of the pioneers, its economy is no different from mobile OS. Plugins and themes almost always fall in to 4 categories: free, freemium, paid, or subscription. And unfortunately some of these paid…

WordPress Theme Subscription is the New Sham in the Town

We have all seen annual upgrade tactics on different applications. What makes WordPress theme extremely awkward however, is the fact that none of the features actually change and/or fixed since the release. If there is a glitch, it must be fixed regardless of “upgrade”, and if it is an entirely new feature, likely the designer…

Jan 1, 2016

Quick announcement addressed the issue where multiple posts would start loading at once. updated Dec 1, 2017: retitled from “Update: 1/1/15” and summarized the bug report.