Disabling WordPress Theme Updates Notification

WordPress is a free, open-source platform which inevitably comes with some quirks. While WordPress as a software has come a long way since becoming one of the pioneers, its economy is no different from mobile OS. Plugins and themes almost always fall in to 4 categories: free, freemium, paid, or subscription. And unfortunately some of these paid theme ‘updates’ can be very brazen when asking for more money.

I believe the actual discussion merits an independent post, so I’ll limit the topic to what this method is aimed for. WordPress paid themes, unlike from its subscription-based counterparts, do not ask for secondary payment; that would defy its definition. However, as a design kit with codes attached, any bug fixes should be provided as part of the package, not an add-on. It makes no sense to pay a full price again just to see the version number changes, fighting phantom glitches. This is where my method kicks in — themes that are asking for updates when there is no real good guaranteed from it.

Insert it under the functions.php of the parent theme in question:

 * Disable theme update notification
function disable_theme_update_notification( $value ) {
    return null;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_themes', 'disable_theme_update_notification' );

This will stop a theme in question from producing update notifications. The use case can vary from holding out an update on free theme packages, —many bloggers choose to work with WordPress default theme suites— and like what I did, hold out an paid theme update. Ultimately, of course, it is advisable not to hold out on updates. Hopefully these developers would understand the frustration at some point.

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