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Compress Tar without Parent Folder

I’ve written on compressing files with XZ algorithm. If you had done so already, you would’ve noticed by now that using that command line by line will cause the program to create an archive with all of its parent folders included.

Test Multiple Zip Archive Files on macOS

Zip has now become an industry norm for a reason. It’s old enough to be widely available, and it’s old enough to be run on any device without hiccups. But this also means any Zip files could be compressed with substandard softwares and/or distributed through routes that simply cannot guarantee any integrity.

Compress in Tar with XZ algorithm on macOS

“It just works” just doesn’t happen with lossless compression on Mac. Most softwares are completely outdated with insufficient GUI support, and they seem to lack the sense of universality at its core. Users already have universal unarchiver, for the most part free. The real priority, which is to support as many as formats to serve…

Compress Multiple Files Separately at Once on Mac

Finding the right compression tools on Mac can be challenging. Most of them require an expensive license, which somehow has gulls to ask for annual subscription and/or upgrade. When it comes to included Archive Utility, it only gets the job half done.