Jan 1, 2018

How is everyone enjoying the new year? Hopefully with family with no Dreyfus to talk about. There are several things I need to talk about –which I promise to keep it short–  and of the weekly op-ed that was supposed to be published last week.

There are several op-ed that didn’t go through the publication last week. Aside from the fact that it is still in editing phase, I actually wanted to push Bitcoin pieces first. The schedule I had in mind really didn’t work out as expected too. One of which has to do with the fact that Apple battery-gate is the topic of the week at the moment, away from Bitcoin.

So here is the schedule for this week I have in mind. There will be a tips articles, (short and less than 800 words) coming up on the 3rd. On 5th, our regular publication date, there will be a weekly op-ed as usual; it could be battery-gate, Bitcoin, or eGPU. I’ll check out the water for the new year before it goes through the publication.

I did set up a system to auto-publish any remaining tips articles if none is published under op-ed, but I had to halt the system in mid-December with all the things happening. Later down in the road, I’ll be simply uploading tips articles instead if there is any irregularities. Perhaps this up-coming December can be different from the last one.

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