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How to Start HTTP File Sharing on LAN (ft. AdGuard)

Not all apps come with blazingly fast and convenient cloud sync features. Seems obviously basic, but my guess is such a feature is not in high demand for apps such as AdGuard. Apps that have rather larger spectrum of users, ones who simply download and use, and ones who meddle with scripts, tend to have…

Nov 13, 2017

There have been several changes to the website. It’s quite a list, without further ado. Probably most obvious, but most invisible subject: Ads. I’ve been asked to remove all ads from the website previously, but that small revenue from advertisements is exactly what is running this website. I won’t mind anyone using Adblocks, because frankly, that should be the job of developers behind the Adblock to leave less intrusive Ads to help the authors and promote balanced ad campaigns on the web.