S. Korea, the country-wide Android fanboys

It’s been a lame joke to even speak of where does Toyota really belong. Toyota is a Japanese company. Ever since some idiots were willing to speak out Toyota must have been American company, it applied exactly same for many S. Korean manufacturers and brands. Again, it is surprising some morons were willing to say Samsung must be an American company. Actually from what I have been hearing from dear S. Korean friends, Samsung is actually making most of their profits, more than a double, from the N. America.

Google recently published a statistics, suggesting S. Korean download is the highest number. In other words, many android users are actually located within S. Korea. Not so surprisingly, in S. Korea, there is a wide-spread ideas, literally belittling all Apple product users, especially iPhone users. Again, there were many stupid arguments and debates on going between Android fanboys and iOS fanboys, but it never gathered itself to a point when attacking one another. You can actually see a word created in the midst of S. Korean forums and websites, mocking iPhone users: ‘앱등이.’ From what I have heard, this word is composed of two different word, app and bugs. As far as I know and what I can gather from old informations, Apple fanboys in S. Korea must have engaged android fanboys with ‘how great the iOS appstore and its market are,’ and achieved a wonder-less failure.

Let us not assume that all S. Koreans must be Android fanboys. -that’s called racism, by the way- It is simply a result of spectacular collaboration of lack of proper software market and existence of mega cooperation in such a small country. -R

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