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Dec 8, 2017

Quick announcements Weekly op-ed is coming next Wednesday. ruined-world.com is once again redirecting all traffic to themtparty.com. Please refrain from using/bookmarking/emailing ruined-world.com, instead use the new domain. New permalink setup has proven to be effective. It is unlikely to be reverted back to post id setup. WordPress core system redirects any traffic to old slugs, so do not worry about which URL you can use. By all means, if you need a permanent URL, I can give you the post ID permalink. Please do let me know. Please do let me know if any of the slugs are off (not…

Nov 30, 2017

I’ve updated the permalink to take slugs (or keyword URL) rather than post ID. I’ve also implanted 301 redirection to make sure previously posted or shared links still takes the users to the right posts. Do let me know if any of the slugs are too long or too off from the contents.