From December, 2017

Blockchain-Based Currency is Not the Money We Know

An introduction to Bitcoin makes it sound so user-friendly and a simpleton business, but elegant with modern encryption, but the actual system design is largely kept a secret like a Death Star. It doesn’t matter how a 100 km-wide space station roams around in space freely and shoot out a laser beam that will utterly…

Known Gmail Tricks and Its Usages

Gmail comes with small cheats that other free email services are reluctant to provide. All of these tricks are meant to be used in the situation when you, the gmail user, is a recipient of an email, not vice-versa. Also these are against the standard industry practices, and as such, you should take it with…

Dec 14, 2017

Quick Announcements Op-ed is delayed again for another week. The coming op-ed which will be published next week is covering the issue of bitcoin, the wall street whiz kid of the late. I am trying to be as accurate as possible when it comes to technical descriptions of the platform, instead of leaving certain parts blank as other articles I’ve found to be. That being said, –this is a disclosure of a sort– I cannot absolutely guarantee the solidity of the piece I am writing, which is why it has been delayed again. Worst case scenario, this piece may be…

Dec 8, 2017

Quick announcements Weekly op-ed is coming next Wednesday. is once again redirecting all traffic to Please refrain from using/bookmarking/emailing, instead use the new domain. New permalink setup has proven to be effective. It is unlikely to be reverted back to post id setup. WordPress core system redirects any traffic to old slugs, so do not worry about which URL you can use. By all means, if you need a permanent URL, I can give you the post ID permalink. Please do let me know. Please do let me know if any of the slugs are off (not…

Dec 3, 2017

It may comes as a surprise, but WordPress has its own commenting system on the same server, instead of Jetpack, Disqus, or any other comment plugins. And Disqus, to no one’s surprise, almost always wins the nomination for best comment platform.

Dec 2, 2017

As it has been discussed before, the website no longer generates revenue large enough to have multiple authors/staffs involved. But contrary to what I had expected, small ad revenue, enough to pay for maintenance, is still coming in.

Dec 1, 2017

After working through some of the slugs on older posts, it came to my attention, some of the older posts are either not bringing up any points or incorrectly imported as op-ed. Most of them were either personal clipping of hilarious tech articles or just daily blog postings that seem to have fallen through the cracks.

How to Upgrade Stock Fans on AKiTiO Node

I’ve extensively talked about why it is almost necessary to upgrade the fans on Node in my review. I know some people would like to jump right ahead, so I’ll simply lay out the options you have first, and then the step-by-step, followed by the merits of its options. Do this at your own discretion.