Dec 1, 2017

After working through some of the slugs on older posts, it came to my attention, some of the older posts are either not bringing up any points or incorrectly imported as op-ed. Most of them were either personal clipping of hilarious tech articles or just daily blog postings that seem to have fallen through the cracks.

Usually I would simply delete them entirely. But considering some of the posting in questions do have comments and email exchange at the back, I am planning on reworking these postings with a disclosure. This plan includes all of the posting and pages, such as oped, tips, RET, and blog.

Easy way to determine if a post or a page is marked for reworking is whether the work in question is tagged or not. Apparently when it happened, I must have skipped the part to import the tags associated with the posts. That doesn’t mean posts with tags are bulletproof; some of them either have 1 or 2 tags (possibly from automated tagging).

Standard 800 words rule still apply as well. A post has to have at least 800 words on the matters that will benefit discussions (op-ed), or it must contain on pure facts and/or information composed of minimum of 400 words (tips). If it is a blog post and published under blog, it is only meant to be an announcement or social exchange.

At any rate, if the post/page is salvageable, I’ll keep the original posting. If not, I’ll republish it under a new date with the disclosure that it was previously published.

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