From November, 2011

Kindle in Black Friday triumph w/o any numbers

Amazon VP Dave Limp announced this year’s Black Friday sale for kindle was a great success, again without any actual numbers. Business Wire | Best Black Friday Ever for Kindle Family: Kindle Sales Increase 4X Over Last Year Black Friday was the best ever for the Kindle family – customers purchased 4X as many Kindle devices as they did last Black Friday – and last year was a great year

Looking for college admissions? 7 myths to consider

Last time I posted about Yale university w/ 70 or so words long essay which literally won the prize of best essay given by Yale admission office, most responded as amused, amazed, and puzzled. The fact, the cruel fact, that good essay is not necessarily long seems to puzzle all my MTP readers, but also the fact that sincere applause is possible seems to amuse people. With all due respect, unless someone is crazy enough to think their college is great by any degrees, -which usually not the case unless it’s in heaven- they just cannot write such essay. Short, elegant,…

Gizmodo applauses Kindle Fire as real iPad competitor

Gizmodo, for largely accepted as one of best tech blogs, has been quite agressive toward Apple, and its controlled environments over all. No need to mention about iPhone 4, Gizmodo, despite the fact they saw appstore as innovations, did not agree, but rather disagree Apple’s tyranny happening inside the appstore. As matter of fact, many analysts believe Android will overcome, become supre power in smartphone business in the future. The future awaits, however for now, Apple is controlling the iOS appstore and its environment. And the margins between iOS and Android are going to need some time to fill the gap. Along with the…

1st gen iPod Nano replacement program launched

Apple is now warning users of iPod Nano 1st generation users, for it may become overheats, and cause safety risks. Nanos produced (or sold) during September 2005 to December 2006 may rarely have defective batteries. The problem only happens “rare cases,” still Apple recommends user to stop using 1st generation iPod nano. Apple posted following instructions and information on its website, including how to order a replacement unit. -R  

Table war on going: B&N Nook Tablet

When first B&N ebook reader was launched, I laughed, I humiliated them. Kindle was the only device that made, created inner-environment for ebook market. The markets, ebook markets were spontaneously created and disappeared, and my prediction was that Nook will be one of them. From my point of view, Kindle would have been part of “good old days,” if they have failed to keep the price down to 100 to

ex-US General mentions cyber weapon

It’s not huge surprise that Pentagon is actually interested in cyber weapon. -R Reuters | Ex-U.S. general urges frank talk on cyber weapons The United States should be more open about its development of offensive cyber weapons and spell out when it will use them as it grapples with an increasing barrage of attacks by foreign hackers, the former No. 2 uniformed officer in the U.S. military said.

No privacy for young: rather lie

I hope this intrigued some people, because it didn’t do that for me. Interesting stories, but who cares about privacy on facebook? I mean seriously, does the author not understand the consequences of telling “REAL AGE” on facebook? -R Forbes | The Unintended Consequences of Well-Intentioned Privacy Regulation No matter how well-intentioned, regulation often has unintended consequences. A case in point is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), a law that mandates certain online privacy protections for children under the age of 13. A new study documents how the law has encouraged many kids—often with the help of…

Apple’s patents: next big thing for Android

Apple holds patents that may result devastating for Android phones. After all, they can’t even build their own OS for their phone. Forbes | Apple To Make Billions On Google’s Android Apple does not have just one patent; Apple has managed to build a moat of patents. An exhaustive treatment of all of Apple’s patents is beyond the scope of this article. However, to give the investors a glimpse of Apple’s fire power, listed below are the summaries of some of the important Apple patents related to the touch screen.

EMR Must have might be an iPad

I truly don’t understand about emergency rooms in hospital, -though I somehow managed to stay there quite frequently- but I understand the point his making. iPad has been great deal in the market in 2 reasons: it’s not so expansive, and it is damn expansive. Contradictions? Not really. Apple is making off some moneys from this device, and yet all the hardwares and softwares are not really market leader. It had been a market leader for couples of months before Android rose from nowhere. But the reason why iPad is getting so much boast is, actually because the other devices…

Here comes biggest Carrier: AT&T T-Mobile Merge allowed

Now AT&T and T-Mobile will be merged, will Verizon acquire Sprint? -R Reuters | UPDATE 2-Judge allows Sprint suit against AT&T/T-Mobile deal Sprint had also argued that the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would hurt the market for backhaul services, links between the core network and more remote locations. Huvelle said that Sprint’s theory was not sufficiently supported. Wayne Watts, AT&T Senior Executive VP and General Counsel, said the ruling dismissed “the vast majority of the claims” from Sprint and CellSouth. “We believe the limited, minor claims they have left are entirely without merit,” he said in an emailed statement.

Anonymous threatens crime syndicate for one of members

New York Times | After a Kidnapping, Hackers Take On a Ruthless Mexican Crime Syndicate The hackers’ message, delivered via YouTube by a man wearing a red tie and a Guy Fawkes mask, was as bold and risky as anything produced by the Zetas, Mexico’s most ruthless crime syndicate. But this time, the Zetas were the target.