EMR Must have might be an iPad

I truly don’t understand about emergency rooms in hospital, -though I somehow managed to stay there quite frequently- but I understand the point his making. iPad has been great deal in the market in 2 reasons: it’s not so expansive, and it is damn expansive. Contradictions? Not really. Apple is making off some moneys from this device, and yet all the hardwares and softwares are not really market leader. It had been a market leader for couples of months before Android rose from nowhere. But the reason why iPad is getting so much boast is, actually because the other devices that just can be replaced by iPad are so damn expansive. So for customer, it is “expansive” to buy regular goods, and for Apple it is “expansive” how they price iPads.

EMR and EHR | The Must Have EMR Feature – An iPad Interface

I’ve written many times about the amazing phenomenon that we call the iPad and particularly how EMR vendors are reacting to the widespread adoption of iPads in healthcare. As I’ve written these dozens of articles, talked to hundreds of doctors, and far too many EHR vendors it’s become clear to me that an iPad interface is basically a Must Have feature for an EMR.

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