Gizmodo applauses Kindle Fire as real iPad competitor

from Amazon

Gizmodo, for largely accepted as one of best tech blogs, has been quite agressive toward Apple, and its controlled environments over all. No need to mention about iPhone 4, Gizmodo, despite the fact they saw appstore as innovations, did not agree, but rather disagree Apple’s tyranny happening inside the appstore. As matter of fact, many analysts believe Android will overcome, become supre power in smartphone business in the future. The future awaits, however for now, Apple is controlling the iOS appstore and its environment. And the margins between iOS and Android are going to need some time to fill the gap.

Along with the other stories, Gizmodo, unlike from the attitude toward iPhone, described iPad as tablet market dominator. Literally, Gizmodo never stopped mentioning every single tablets should look for killing iPad, or at least competing against  it. Again, unlike from smartphone market, iPad does not have much competitions involved.

Of course, Gizmodo applauses Kindle Fire as a real iPad competitor. Nevertheless never mentions it will become iPad killer; it just lives in different market. -R

Gizmodo | Kindle Fire Review: The iPad Finally Has Serious Competition

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