9 out of 10 million iPhones are affected, Apple says

This is actually getting funny. Apparently Apple only had received 9 complaints so far as to the bending issue of new iPhone 6+. And unlike what the internet has suspected, iPhone 6 is durable enough to withstand the “bending.”

Here’s my question though: If there’s people who can put a bigger phone in their front pocket, how big is their pants supposed to be? The claim was iPhone 6+ bent in the front pocket from everyday usage. I couldn’t get my Galaxy Note 3 in my front pocket, EVER. Most of the people whom I’ve known had their tablets in their purse, bags, whatever. It just doesn’t fit.

I’ll be honest. If you weigh 300lb and 6 and a half feet tall with the right build, I’m guessing you could bend any phones in the market. Not only that, most of those youtube channels I’ve seen does not show how they managed to get it inside their front pockets, simply bend it with their fingers, clearly not everyday usage. —which, by the way, shouldn’t be possible anyway— Or you would weigh 600lb 5 feet tall, which would bend and crush any phones available in the market anyway. Just gimme the damn answer.

At any rate, since the durability issue is something Apple needs to deal with in near future, I would guess they will simply issue $30 to $40 Apple store gift cards to everyone who purchased iPhone 6+. They could also simply hand out freebies, like free silicon case, for iPhone 6+ users, for future protection. OR, —wow this getting long— they could simply change the policy to replace a phone with bending issues in Apple Store. I don’t see any dramatic downfalls in this. Apple survived antenna gate, unlikely to die from bend gate.

I suppose the irony of this story is that first report of iPhone 6+ bending is originated from MacRumors, known to be Apple user base.

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