How to Disable auto-add to Quick Access on Windows 10

Windows 10 finally introduced a sidebar for File Explorer. Windows tend to have quirks that comes and goes in every iteration, and Quick-Access, from the look of it, seems to have decided to stay. But this Quick access comes with a bizarre add-on; it will add –no pun intended– any items you access frequently. Not sure why Microsoft decided to call it “Quick access”, when this is more or less a smart folder.

If you like Quick Access but wishes to disable the auto add-on, there is a way to achieve exactly that. However this is Windows we are talking about, make sure to put on your reading glasses to find the right buttons:

  1. In File Explorer, open the File menu and click “Change folder and search options”.
  2. Under General tab, in Privacy sections, there is a check box for “Show frequently used folders in Quick access”. Un-check it.

Now you can rearrange the items in Quick access and Windows will not tamper with your picks.

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