Nov 29, 2017

I don’t use blacklist feature on WordPress; I prefer to work with more dynamic moderation that takes context into consideration. But that doesn’t mean blacklist feature isn’t tempting.

In last couple of months, there were 3 (and only three) reoccurring spams that stood out to me that were pushed into comment moderations. I suppose these low-quality spam bots can’t tell if the spam they originally submitted were actually posted or not. One of them was a usual knock-off drugs, the other for website traffic and monetization. It was the third one that almost always got my attention. A spam bot designed to penetrate automatic monitoring, which wounds up in a spam folder. The only reason why I “read” this spam is, I don’t want to see any comments falling through the cracks; don’t try to sell me a spam bot when it apparently fails. So this is my 2 cents for spam bot devs. Spend more time in your literature and faking metadata, because it’s not getting past anything.

And if any of you were reading on upgrading AKiTio Node that was originally published today, I’m sorry to tell you I’ve decided to push the publication till Friday. The reason behind it is that I wound up missing a PCIe (male) to PCIe (male) cable to power the board, making a compromise again to install a new power supply. I am planning on updating the review as well on that aspect.

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