Plants vs. Zombies Quicksaver

The legendary Plants vs. Zombies was a different game. It was the game which pioneered the path of mobile video games. But it was also a game that lacked some of the obvious features, such as cloud saves. It was very very 2009.

So just like before: you can now quicksave Plants vs. Zombies for Windows and Mac. The python script I am uploading will let you save the game to the location of your choice, and restore it. As you finish playing it through a session or a seating, you can simply choose to save it; and then, later on from another computer or so, you can choose to restore it and start the game. Also if you are interested in cloud-saving, all you have to do is simply place the in a cloud-shared folder, like Dropbox.

For obvious reasons, use it at your own risk!

(note: I have not been able to test the compatibility between Windows version’s and Mac’s, so be advised. Also, the save location for Steam versions are different. I was not able to find the exact path, so let me know if you have it. You can also swap the existing path, which currently is for non-Steam purchase.)

How to Use

  1. This code is written in Python. If you are on Windows PC, please check to download it.
  2. Download and put it in the location of your choice.
  3. Unzip the file.
  4. Open any kind of text editors, and copy-paste following codes.
     cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
    python pause
  5. Save the text as following:
  6. By simply clicking on the start file you just created, the code will run asking for your prompt.

Let me know if there is any issues.

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