Add Second Address Line on Mac Calendar

macOS and iOS come with a decent default calendar app called “Calendar”. Jokes aside, Calendar comes with an embedded travel time feature, which allows users to schedule travel time ahead. For example, if you happen to have a meeting in downtown, you can add “Meeting” as an event, and then add 30 mins as a travel time. What’s more, Calendar automatically calculates the travel time from your previous scheduled location.

Now you can already see where this is headed to. Let’s say the meeting takes place at “123 Main St. Rm 405”. 123 Main St. isn’t so hard to remember, but room number can be tricky. You would want to able to save both information, but the default behavior only allows you to find the building and then add the address.

  1. Find the address you are interested in the location field.
  2. Press ⌥+Enter to create a second address line.
  3. Add Room, Apt, or Suite info into the address line, followed by comma. (e.g. Room 405,)

This will allow the Calendar app to keep track of the locations automatically, while keeping track of more detailed information.

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