Stuttering Screensaver in macOS

Arabesque has been shipped with macOS for quite awhile now, making it one of graphical default screensavers. What Apple seems to dismiss, however, is that they did not update their lines of screensavers since High Sierra.

In case you are wondering if this issue is affecting your Mac, there is a simple way to figure it out. If the screensaver stutters or becomes jerky, your computer is affected. If the fans of your workstation runs wild while running screensaver, there is a good chance this topic is also for you.

Before you can simply follow the link, do test out your Arabesque screensaver in preview for about 2 minutes. Since Mojave, I am yet to see any issues with Apple-shipped screensavers. In other words, this fix will only work —and macOS stops it from running— if you are running High Sierra, macOS 10.13.

  1. Download ArabesqueX screensaver via this link. If the original link is no longer valid, please download it through here and unpack the zip file.
  2. Copy the qtz file to the following path: /Library/Screen Savers/
  3. Change the screensaver to ArabesqueX in System Preferences.

There was a reddit thread, about a year ago, discussing the fix for jerky Arabesque. Bear in mind, OP has an interesting theory as to how Arabesque came to be. I will not go into details. But as seen in the case of eGPUs, there are many ways to drop the balls for planned obsolescence, only way to find out is to observe for the extended period of time.

Planned obsolescence is a word thrown around so easily. I would argue lightning port has stronger evidences supporting Apple’s tactics, rather than a simple screensaver then can be fixed by one person, especially on a Mac. To give OP some credits, TB 1/2 obsolescences on eGPUs took a community of users to even kickstart a fix.

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