Disable Gameplay Recording Paused Notification on PS4

Playstation 4 packs enough social network in it to have publishes go extra miles to disable the feature of the new generation. This does NOT stop anyone from recording one’s footage, however; rather, it makes it a teddy bit more cumbersome to share short footages with friends with insane ‘Recording Paused’ notification spamming.

To disable the said notification:

  1. From the home screen of PS4, open Settings.
  2. In Settings, navigate to Notifications > Pop-Up Notifications.
  3. Uncheck “Blocked Scenes for Video Recording”

This method will simply disable the notification, ‘Gameplay Recording Paused’ from taking up its space on the screen. This could have your footage chopped up in midway, which inevitably makes in-system recording unreliable.

True irony is, the devs behind the new DRM policies of current generation consoles are mostly Japanese, namely Capcom of Resident Evil series, Square Enix of Kingdom Hearts series, or Atlus of Persona series, shooting in the Japanese console’s foot.

The good news is that you can still record everything via a capture card. It’s a device that goes between PS4’s HDMI connection and the TV’s, and it will essentially allows the users to duplicate the signal into a computer, so that you may edit it as a video. Most of these capture cards, recording cards, or boxes do come with certain HDCP bypass, making essentially impossible for the devs to block off game footage recording or streaming.

I would argue this decision against social networks put Japanese developers in certain time frame, where it is out of touch with most gamers. Not everyone shares video footage to do a complete and thorough walkthrough, where the game made bare and YouTuber walks off with ad revenues. And, even if most people were, the video game as a medium, enforces that one must play the game to actually know the game. I suspect these decisions will be slowly withdrawn in the next generation of consoles.

updated Feb 23, 2020: clarified what games could be affected with more information on footage capturing methods.


  1. I can’t record a game Resident Evil 2 remake. It always says the blocked scene thingy. What should i do. I have a Ps4 pro

    • Like I explained in the post, some game developers have disabled in-console recording feature for the some or all of the duration of the game. This includes Capcom, the developer of Resident Evil 2 remake. That being said, you still have the option to use third party recording card or a box that will attach to your PS4’s HDMI. You can find them by searching HDMI capture cards on Amazon or such.

  2. I did exactly what was said to do multiple time but it still prevents me from opening up the game. Is there any other way to get around this? Should I delete the game and re-install?

    • This how-to was meant to remove system pop-ups during games that are already running, not for games can’t be opened. Depending on the error message, I would also suggest removing and re-installing the game. But there are other error codes and solutions, so please take note of the error code PS4 is producing, and search for that specific error code.

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