Find Case-Sensitive Duplicates

If you are running a small database of your own, finding duplicates is a major nuisance. If that database also happens to be shared through NAS, more likely then not you end up with a system littered with duplicates. While using an expensive database management suite will definitely fix a problem, this method can remedy the problem for the time being without a dime out of your pocket.

Imagine if you will, you have a shared folder on NAS with pictures from your vacation. Everyone is uploading their photos to the folder, but some might label 4MAY2018 while the others choose 4may2018. If this starts to pile up, an administrator (probably you!) will have to find all the duplicate folders and consolidate them. This method will not merge any folders, but it will list out all the files and folders that are case-sensitive duplicates.

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Replace the bracketed “path to folder” of the following command with the path to the folder of your interest and run the command.
    find [path to folder]  | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' | sort | uniq -d > duplicates.txt
  3. This will create a text file containing a list of duplicates in your user folder.

Let me know if there is any questions or concerns.

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