Nov 15, 2018

I thought it would be a good time to go through what is happening with MTP rather than to keep everyone hanging. I’ve moved to a rural town couple of months ago, and quite frankly, the transition cannot be harder. I thought years from Wisconsin had me prepared for ridicules. I’ve thought wrong.

I wouldn’t go into details of each incidents, —yes, not one, not two, I had been involved in multiple ‘accidents’— unless I were to write an opinion piece on the matters. Perhaps the accessibility of healthcare providers in rural area is a good subject to go on. I was quite shocked when I was asked to accept the humble, healthcare-free environment a rural town can provide. I had thought until then, or led to believe I suppose, that it is universal truth that everyone seeks healthcare infrastructure to fall back to. Group-think must be a powerful mechanism.

At any rate, I’ll try my best to publish at least two articles a month, preferably at the usual pace of one per week. For the sake of announcement, articles will be published on every Saturday, UTC.

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