Nov 27, 2022

I had to change the hosting company behind The Mad Tea Party after being bombarded with automated server offline messages from previous one. So if you had trouble reading a post on Black Friday, I bet the problem was on the website’s end, not your ISP or your router. My apologizes for not sharing the plans beforehand.

I might write more on the subject, so I’ll be brief on what happened. For the last few months, the hosting service I had used kept going offline, from few minutes to few hours, without notice. Sometimes there will be a tweet by their customer support team, simply saying it’s a server migration issue. I hate to be cheap like this, but if the problem devolved from a planned downtime, I expect some form of communication from the company laying out what happened. Instead I had to hunt for my own, and most of the information was released post-mortem. Needless to say, no compensations were made for a company boasting to have reliable uptime.

Thankfully though, the transition itself was relatively pain-free then it was before. I didn’t need to talk (read: work with) to the hosting company like I had to before.

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