Now I feel so pathetic about IT stuffs; especially iPhone 3G

Let me be me, sarcastic and cynical as possible as I can in my place. Now I feel so much pathetic about RapidWeaver and iPhone 3G. Sorry RealMacSoftware and Apple. But I am enough of this. Since 2009, I have been using RapidWeaver and iPhone 3G as my primary application and geek. I was already aware of danger of using RapidWeaver, since I could find a lot of, A LOT OF claims that RapidWeaver randomly generates and reproduces codes inside the article so that it makes the article to load very, VERY SLOWLY. Which it took me about half an hour to erase and re-write every article to post it in my new WordPress based website.

The reason, which is also primary for me, made me write this post was, essentially the iPhone 3G. We already know, how fascinating when the iPhone 3G came out. Faster network, faster CPU, bigger storage. Anyway, Steve the CEO delivered wonderful speech about iPhone 3G.

And now, iOS4 came out, iPhone 4 came out.

How pathetic. iPhone 3G doesn’t support iOS4 fully, battery runs out like water, CPU cannot even hold up the speed of network, -Of course it is not about 3G network. It’s about Wi-Fi. multitasking? give it up. Push notification just evil as trojan virus. Instantly disrupts any kinds of phone call, especially when I am on Skype.

Bloody hell. What they are expecting me to do?! stay on the iOS3?! Give me some clues, so that I can make some  call! -literally, I wanna make phone call with no problem!- Please don’t tell me that I wanna go back to iOS3, iOS4 isn’t just working on the older models. And as good book says, please.

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