iPad is still BUSY,BUSY,BUSY…. kidding?

Now I’ll give you two option, before start yelling at me, “You arrogant son of b****”, first you can say something like what I presented as an example, or second you can keep reading and say, “I pitty you.”

I am not usual offline buyer, which means, I always keep myself not to be at offline; price and taxes are just bloody in offline anyway. There could be a lot of argument against and for for the actual shopping, rather than just buy what you want in the online. Since online doesn’t provide full support-questions you want to ask, etc.-, and usually with free shipping option, you probably going to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. -I hate waiting-

iPad came out around April, and as we already know of, it is still making quite a money for Apple. For consumers who wants it, basically saying “Well, you gotta wait for month.” I bought my macbook pro in Apple Online Store -though I totally regret it later- and it delivered in 2 to 3 days later with faster shipping option. The reason that I got so frustrated with iPad is, that Apple doesn’t have enough stocks of iPad in their warehouse, so that I have to wait until it actually “produced” and sends.

I understand Apple is really having trouble with delivering out their new products, since the pre-orders and etc. etc. got really tension, that none of other company had. But my question, are they really going to keep doing this; they have never even tried to solve their early stock prepare, which supposedly make things smoother than just wait for 3 weeks.

Thankfully, because of that slow shipping, I would get my iPhone and the iPad on the same last week of July. Yeah, yeah, everyone who will get my boxes are going to say, “you got to be crazy”.

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