Apple Post of Week: “Steve Jobs was right, Flash fails on Android”

The Loop (Jim Darlymple) = “Steve Jobs was right, Flash fails on Android”

Many people have been giving Adobe the equivalent of “put up or shut up,” when it comes to the debate over Flash on a mobile device. The company shipped mobile Flash on Android and the first results are in — Fail.

Writing for Laptop magazine, Avram Piltch tried Flash on the new Droid 2 using Android 2.2. Piltch’s first reaction to the technology was telling. “I’m sad to admit that Steve Jobs was right. Adobe’s offering seems like it’s too little, too late.”

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It is always quite boring, by itself means very usual and easily been forseen, to watch argument going on between both sides of pros and cons of non flash support from Apple for their products: iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. Everyone regarded their opinion as the brightest, the smartest, etc. for both customer and Apple. Sadly, there are only few who cannot use computer to writer their opinion; no arguments gained support from 3rd person.

Because of infamy of Apple, terrible negotiator Steve Jobs is staying there, I hardly doubt any opinion was not in concern of Adobe, bagging to just put flash support in iOS series. And also clearly, Adobe should and would provide their solution for free for all iOS devices from the point it gets into the iOS.

Then, this is all where it gets ‘aggressive’. Shouldn’t Apple let users make decision?

It is not something hard for Apple, just to accept new mobile version of Flash player and then give on-off settings in iOS. They would exonerate literally from these ‘rumors’ -so called- and also Adobe would achieve their life-long wishes by little button in the Settings option. In my aspects of analysis, this is where everything starts. Why Apple doesn’t let Flash run while they can do that?

In my opinion, it’s not exactly ‘logical’ to argue, that Apple is secretly trying to burry the Adobe alive. Actually, it is not secret for them, just one of public. But the reason, that I am arguing that saying ‘Apple supposedly adopt Flash support” is non-sense, is because Apple never changed or deleted support from their features. Was there any moment Apple just threw Flash Support from to-do list? Well, seems Jobs never crossed out, just never written it.

Let’s put it another way; if you actually buy the iPhone, does flash support really matter to you? Now really. Because Apple does not have history of supporting flash in iOS devices, and of course, we were aware of that as well. Simply by doing simple math, we can figure out that flash support seems to be very optional.

As iPhone user, I have to ask, if that flash contents is vitally important to you, why not use Android or look for App in AppStore for it.

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