Twitter isn’t ruining English

For years, actually for centuries, many conservaties, whom are known as old-timers, claimed new culture and technology is ruining the language. Not only language they claim, but also body and mind of one. Such as graphic novels, video games, even facebook and twitter -these two have been added to list recently-. Unfortunately, many studies have done suggesting those kind of new experiences rather enhance and nourish overall quality of experience, and furthermore education of one. And here goes 2nd shot: does Twitter ruin English? Turns out “NO”. -R

Forbes | No, Twitter Isn’t Ruining the English Language

The result? The mean word length in Hamlet (in modern spelling) was 3.99 characters; in P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves stories, the mean word length was 4.05 characters; in the DP‘s tweets, the mean word length was 4.80 characters.

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