Siri may become Google Killer

Analysts are now predicting Siri will be 3rd Apple big-hits. iPhone and iPad kicked analysts’ a**, and some of them actually lost their job after publishing “end of Apple empire” 2 times. Now they are having some smart moves, saying “iPhone 4S may sucks, but Siri doesn’t.”

Truly Siri is interesting service. Most of companies still owns customer service w/ machines, and they barely understand words. Many developers and manufacturers came up with voice recognition UI, but failed to impress buyers. Now Apple came up with one, saying “this works.” And analysts are saying, “good stuff.” Really?

An idea that Siri is distinguishably different from other services aren’t making much of sense. They do work, and that’s somewhat interesting. But will it give another push for Apple, like iPod, iPhone, and iPad did? That’s totally different story. -R

Forbes | Why Siri Is a Google Killer

6. When Siri opens up its API to 3rd party developers, this thing’s growth and adoption will go ballistic. At the moment, Siri is in “beta” and no 3rd party app exists. But what happens when you allow developers to write Siri-enabled scripts that tie into their websites – like Yelp, OpenTable, and others? Siri will become even smarter. For users, it will become even more valuable because better and better data results will come back to it. And Apple — as happened in the iPhone and then iPad spaces — will have a huge lead in 3rd party apps tied into this powerful interface.

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