Block Suggested Apps on Windows 10

Windows has more than one way to put up advertisement on your workstation now. And it is called ‘Suggested Apps’, kindly suggesting you to play Candy Crush Saga again. Needless to say, kindly installing the game and playing it on your work computer will ruin your work performance and get you fired. Or at best, get caught by your boss and thrown a pink slip on your face.

Terrible, isn’t it? Every version it gets worse. First, they remove the Start button. Then they put up ads on Start menu. I wonder when they will get it over with and kill Taskbar. Enough with the Soviet cut aways, and let’s block this ad first:

  1. Open Windows Settings page.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Personalization/Start.
  3. Untick ‘Occasionally show suggestions in Start’
  4. Reboot

I personally don’t understand where did Microsoft get an idea to create an ad space on a local PC. If this was implemented as an option on public spaces, libraries and such, at a discount, I would have reluctantly agreed. If this was an option provided before the paid upgrade, —although Windows 10 was a free upgrade in the first place— much like how Ads on Kindle work, again I would have accepted the idea. But blasting an ad on a local screen is a computer from The Exorcist, to quote The IT Crowd.

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