Make Great Games, Not Kinect Games Says Xbox Rep.

Finally someone who knows what industry they are dealing with in Microsoft. In recent interview with Polygon, head of Xbox simply answered make great games.

Now that the gaming community clearly knows Xbox one failed in performance competition against PS4, Xbox franchise in deep water. MS is left with no choice, if not providing better experience and environment with Xbox and Xbox Live. However, former head of Xbox division, Don MattrickĀ disregarded any criticisms by saying “backward,” almost every single interviews he had, spreading belief current and Xbox one’s environment will remain to be backward.

Microsoft sold 5 million Xbox One, compared to Sony’s 7 million PS4 sold. Ironically in E3 conference, Microsoft focused solely on gaming, while Sony moved its focus back to entertainment again.

Xbox one is finally at its square one, a starting line for new generation. There is still 2 million units gaps Microsoft will have to pay for, and Xbox Live has barely caught up with PSN’s new policies (for instance, no more always-on).

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