Sony Leaks Korean-Sub The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Youtube

On July 20th, a trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released on Youtube for South Korean audiences with two quirks. First, the description was switched from Heaven is For Real. And Second, the trailer was 72 minutes long.

Sony Pictures Korea confirmed the leak on the same day; however, as the Youtube account was managed in US they were unable to take it down. Only hours later the video was retitled accordingly, except for the description. Yes, consecutive fuck up is for real.

It goes to show how the film industries, in fact, just any mass media, that had faulty DRMs and region locks haven’t embraced the technology yet. Internet is always available, 24/7 regardless of regions. No matter how well Youtube correspond to the publisher’s needs, it is safe to assume the worst at any time. The account should have been accessible to regional offices, and anyone who can speak other than English should have double-checked the upload.

As for the movie itself, don’t bother to watch it. The plot follows every tropes deployed in Raimi trilogy to the teeth, and the characters have failed to digest elements that are exclusive to the comics. —simply making a Spiderman more talkative does not make it a better adaptation— Perhaps in the future I might write a review comparing the two series.

updated Feb 7, 2017: retitled from “Sony Korea released Amazing Spider Man 2 for Free on Youtube”.

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