No More “Start” Button for Windows

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Even before Apple fanboys sue Microsoft for being copycat, Microsoft decided to scrap “Start” button for good.

According to the Verge, Microsoft has removed the Start Button Orb. Verge was also able to confirm with sources close  to Windows 8 development that “hot corner” will fully replace the functionality of current Start Button.

Gizmodo is sarcastically calling upon Mac users for having another déjà vu.

As many of early adopters are saying, I agree with the fact that corporate consumers or users will not like this. Apple’s removal of Rosetta is still being called as a bad-ass marketing. If Microsoft removes start button, it may end up just like Vista, SKIP IT version. Personally I heavily rely on the finder and spotlight -both of them are Mac-only features- to find my app on my Mac. I write codes and articles, so I have couple of officeware, writing assistant app, and programmer tools. Now that I have launchpad, I honestly stopped using spotlight. But for Windows, I’m sure many users, -not early adopters- use Start Button to actually start anything.

It’s really up to Microsoft. But I have this tangling feeling that Microsoft might just add another option for Start Button. -R

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